Ayovent is an event solution hub were you connect and get solution to your event and event services. It’s an E-office for entrepreneurs that deals with event services to showcase, advertise and promote their service online.
Ayovent is an avenue advertise, sell/buy ticket, promote your event, show program and carnival.
Get the world talking about your event on ayovent.
Ayovent is a product of BW Capital Limited.

Our Mission

To be the #1 community for event lovers.

Our values

When we started this marketplace, we wanted to place a high level of importance on three core values we felt were essential. These core values shape how we operate our company and how we make all of our decisions.

Services on Ayovent

Want all of your vendors and logistics to be through one place, so you don’t have to always be calling this person and that person and going to meeting after meeting and then making payments to several different companies?

Beautiful Planning Packages

Looking for that perfect event planner that will get rid all of your planning stresses? Contact us to utilize one of our several different options in planning packages, so we can make your planning process like it is part of your normal routine, and not a daily stress!

DELIVER: Sit back. Relax.

Finally, this is where our event management expertise comes into play. At our core, we love events. We love the on-site details, production plans, schedules, deadlines and to do lists that come along with managing an event.